Industry Collaboration Coordinator, EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network

Dr. Florian Klumpp is the Industry Collaboration Coordinator for the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network. He also operates as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager at Fichtner GmbH & Co, KG, Stuttgart, Germany. He previously worked at EnBW Kraftwerke AG in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dr. Klumpp holds a range of experience across a wide range of areas of expertise, including:

  • Project management in the field of power economy and power plant technology
  • Market studies: Analysis of the power and energy market (national and international)
  • Marketing modelling: future market price for energy, control energy, operation of generation assets etc.
  • Storage technologies (feasibility studies, design, economic evaluation etc.)
  • Consultancy of utilities (power economy, power plant technology)

Dr. Klumpp holds a Doctor of Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, and a Diploma in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin.